About The Locality

Wadduwa beach is just 200 meters away from the resort. It’s also home to masses of palm trees and coconut trees . In addition to sea baths & sun bathing . guests can also enjoy fresh sea food dishes.

It is also well known for authentic, professional Ayurveda SPA's and Retreats. Our recommended spa treatments are available nearby and transport can be provided at a nominal fee.You’ll also find a mix of shops, many selling traditional Sri Lankan handicrafts like masks and wood carvings and a few jewellery shops nearby.

The train from Wadduwa takes you right along the coastline and has plenty of impressive tourist destinations along the way. Wadduwa is also a major producer of Coconut Toddy and Coconut Vinegar and. many guests love to have a sip of pure coconut toddy.

Explore Wadduwa